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Thank you very much for checking out the site.  We have new arrivals for this Fall and Winter season.  We are currently updating the website as well as our product catalog, so some of those should be available on the apparel page soon.  Thank you very much for your support, and remember to Catch The Vibe!

We have a variety of new products that are being added daily, Here are some of the more recent addtions to the OFF The LIP product catalog.

You can quickly visit our catalog of items for purchase on Amazon by clicking the icon above or shop now button below.  Right now you can get all items shipped FREE with an Amazon PRIME account. 

Thank you so much for your interest in OFF The LIP Surfwear.  We are very happy to be a part of the surfing community, and our hope is to reach new communities around the world with OFF the LIP Surfwear. 


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What People Say

I was really happy when I recieved my order.  I was immediately thinking I should of also bought a Tank Top.  Love the gear!

Exactly the type of thing the surfing community needs is a surf brand that is thinking internationally and considers other cultures.

The design work alone is a reason to invest in this brand.  I love the cool colorful styles and vibe. 


WELCOME TO OFF THE LIP SURFWEAR – You can find out more about the mission, goals and surf lifestyle brand under our about us / mission page, but for now just read below for a quick preview. 

Greetings from Off The Lip Surfwear

Virginia Beach Surfer and Ukulele extraordinaire Michael Hensen, has teamed up with surfer and Charismatic Creative artist Raka J from Indonesia.
The two have come together to craft a fun and energetic surf brand.  Uniting international surf cultures under one brand.  The idea came about in 2012 while thinking about a surf brand that could support affordable clothing styles across the globe while bringing the surf lifestyle to the most remote places around the world.  Already Off The Lip has made contacts in places like Sierra Leone, Senegal, Indo, Nigeria, and others.  We are hoping to help spread the stoke of surf culture across the globe. 
Off The Lip
Water, Surf, Culture. 

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