A really exciting story in itself, but come one what does every surfer dream of really?  Perfect barrels, endless days of waves, living near or at the oceanfront, convertibles and ladies, (and if you are a lady, surfer dudes right?) But the deeper story, is a real company who hopes to spread the stoke of surfing to the international marketplace, by offering nice affordable clothing, and apparel to the worldwide audience.  All while providing opportunities for less fortunate countries to obtain the resources to become surfing nations.  We want to help bring surfing to the world! 

Greetings from Off The Lip Surfwear

Virginia Beach Surfer and Ukulele extraordinaire Michael Hensen, has teamed up with surfer and Charismatic Creative artist Raka J from Indonesia.
The two have come together to craft a fun and energetic surf brand.  Uniting international surf cultures under one brand.  The idea came about in 2012 while thinking about a surf brand that could support affordable clothing styles across the globe while bringing the surf lifestyle to the most remote places around the world.  Already Off The Lip has made contacts in places like Sierra Leone, Senegal, Indo, Nigeria, and others.  We are hoping to help spread the stoke of surf culture across the globe. 
Off The Lip – Water, Surf, Culture. 

Michael Hensen

Surfer and Owner


Right now OFF The Lip is looking for up and coming surfing talent globablly to help us align our brand with the international market.  We want to help you and help us put surfing around the world.  If you are interested in becoming a part of Team OFF The LIP, feel free to send us an email at TEAM@OfftheLipSurf.com.  

Thanks for your interest, 



We always have cool events and exciting news going on at Off The Lip Surfwear, take a look at some of our most recent information and content below. 

Start Up

ContactCurrently Off The Lip Surfwear is looking for go getters and content contributors to be a part of the growing international surf community.  We have availability for surfers who want to help bring up the next global surf brand. Reach out here.

Discounted Travel

Looking to go on a surf trip soon, reach out to us about how we can help you plan your next surf get away, receiving discounts of 40-70% on hotel stays, Air BnB’s, Flights and Car Rentals to make your next trip the best surf experience you’ve ever had. 

Surf Stories

Ever wanted to write articles for a surf company and be a part of an international brand.  We are currently looking for surfers who are willing to contribute to Off The Lip Surfwear. Send us an email about your favorite surf trip, location, where you stayed and list of breaks and experience and we would love to publish it here!